Solar Panels and Solar Battery Backup Systems

One of the most important factors when choosing a solar energy provider/installer, is the quality of the equipment used by the installer.  Be sure to ask your installer about the panels they propose using and check the internet for independent reviews.  Solimax and Goldin Solar use some of the best panels available in the market today which are not only highly durable and efficient, but are not overly priced thus raising the installation costs.  We use Hanwha Q-Cells (300 Watts) in most of our installations.  We also carry the latest solar battery backup technology that allows critical power needs in your home to remain on during power outages. 

Inverters and Specialized Inverters for Solar Battery Backup Systems

Just as important as the panels, you need to have a reliable inverter that efficiently converts DC power into AC power so you can use that energy to power your home.  Solimax and Goldin Solar currently use highly reliable Solar Edge inverters manufactured by one of the leading solar inverter company in the world, recently identified for manufacturing one of the most efficient inverters on the market, the HD WAVE.  If you have a special request for an inverter we can probably find it but you may have to pay a little extra.  We also carry the SolarEdge StorEdge inverters that are specifically made to work with the LG Chem Resu 9.8kwh solar battery back-up systems.  These StorEdge inverters are meant to be grid-tied and charge your batteries with sun when the power is out.  


You can choose the best equipment for your system, but if your installer did not install it correctly or optimize power production by placing your panels in the correct part of your roof, your may lose substantial energy production capabilities, confront unplanned repairs, and run into difficulties during permit review.  Goldin Solar, Solimax’s partner, uses only highly experienced, Florida-licensed, professionals that have worked with most municipalities and are focused entirely on customer service, good engineering, and impeccable installations.   When choosing an installer,  be sure to ask for references for previous customers, get more than one quote and ask probing questions like “What’s your price per watt?”.   Price per watt is the really the only way to compare different prices.   If you are serious about moving forward, Solimax will be happy to provide you with references.   Choose us and we promise you it will be the best experience with a contractor you will ever have! 

Goldin Solar “This is How We Do It”

Posted by Goldin Solar, LLC on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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