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Why Choose Solimax?
Because we're experts in the field of energy efficiency, solar power, and natural gas

  • Installations

    WE ARE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS - Solimax's staff and their installation partner, Goldin Solar (#CVC56965) headquartered in Miami, are together the most experienced and trusted rooftop solar energy system installers in Florida and have installed hundreds of amazing systems in virtually every county. We know how to work with all Building Departments, often surpass So. FL. Building Code requirements, finish our installations on time, and produce hassle-free installs for you. We also know energy markets and can identify energy efficiency improvements within buildings that can save building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Financing

    WE KNOW HOW TO FINANCE SOLAR (RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL) - Most people/building owners finance their purchase of rooftop solar energy systems because: 1) It free's up you cash to use elsewhere to make more money; 2) Allows you to take advantage of tax deductions; and, 3) It makes system purchases become more affordable due to low monthly payments. Solimax has access to numerous different financing programs for all credit types, that allow you to pay no money down and finance 100% of the purchase. We find the right program for you with the lowest monthly payments (which is often less than your current FPL bill) and we carefully explain all financing terms to you.

  • Information & Resources

    WE PROVIDE ACCURATE INFORMATION SOLAR SAVINGS/COSTS AND WILL ABSOLUTELY FIND YOU THE LEAST EXPENSIVE NATURAL GAS PROVIDER - We will always provide objective information on true savings produced by solar power systems. We use special software to design your solar power systems that power production to within 3% and we will always tell you what the pay-back period is and the $/watt. Solar is a big investment and we want you be comfortable with the purchase. Finally, if your looking for alternatives to Florida City Gas or TECO we WILL absolutely find you the very best price and contract - guaranteed!

  • Expert Energy Planning

    WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT ENERGY SAVINGS AND ENERGY PLANNING - We are passionate about energy planning and efficiency and we live, eat, and breathe methods to reduce your energy bill. That's why we decided to represent Almiranta here in southern Florida. There is no other software package out there that can perform energy load calculations, allow for endless modeling scenarios, and build convincing financial cases for energy efficiency improvements that CFO's and Directors will undoubtedly support. Find out more about "EnEx Plan" the energy planning tool that removes the need to hire expensive energy consultants, by going to

Switch to Solar Energy Now and Reap the Benefits!

Homeowners with residential solar energy systems realize some incredible benefits with the biggest benefit being an immediate savings in monthly electricity costs and huge return on investment after the payback period ends!  Read on for a quick summary of benefits. 

FPL KEEPS ON RAISING RATES – FPL just got approval from the state to raise another $90o million through increases in your monthly electricity bill.  This means that starting in 2017 your annual bill is likely to increase 7% for the next 3 to 4 years.  Solar energy systems can cut your monthly bills by up to 80% to 90% depending on the system size you choose and can save you $1000’s of dollars in the long run.

YOUR PROPERTY VALUE INCREASES – Homes with solar energy systems typically sell faster and command a higher selling price.  One study showed that on average a home with a system is worth $20,000 more!

USE THE FEDERAL TAX CREDIT TO REDUCE THE PURCHASE PRICE OF SOLAR  – The Investment Tax Credit  (ITC) offers eligible homeowners and business owners a 30% reduction in the price of solar through 2019!  Plus solar purchasers do not have to pay the 7% sales tax in Florida!

DO YOUR PART IN SLOWING CLIMATE CHANGE – Reduce your carbon footprint immediately by moving away from fossil fuel and their carbon emissions which accelerate the pace of global warming and sea level rise.  Miami-Dade and Broward counties are ground zero for the devastating impacts of sea level rise so  let’s all transition to a renewable energy source that is limitless and let’s do our part.

Get more information on these and other benefits by visiting our  WHY SOLAR NOW page!  Click on the link called “South Miami 17kw” to see a video of one of the recent installs.  Your house could be next and you could save 1000’s!


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